Bond Updates - Francone Elementary

The eleventh elementary school in Cy-Fair ISD, built in 1979, was named after two former employees and brothers, John and Frank Francone, who dedicated more than 70 years to Cy-Fair ISD.  The exterior doors, windows, and air cooled chiller were all replaced.  The building movement near the back of the building was corrected.  Exterior building waterproofing sealants throughout the entire facility were removed and replaced, along with all wall central joints, through wall penetrations around all doors and windows and joints between building and paving.  The security was upgraded to include replacement of the intrusion detection panel, video cameras with door access buzzer, additional CCTV cameras and replacement of analog CCTV cameras with digital CCTV cameras – supported by additional DVR’s.  Five additional card reader access points were added to secondary entries.  Reinforced / bullet resistant glass and “lock down” panic buttons, which connect to the PA system, were added throughout the facility.

Renovation cost:  $1,500,000

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